There are several ways to update:

  • via the VMware console
  • via the web interface offered by the DC Netscope agent

Via the VMware console

Go to the VMware console, and move to the main menu, then go to the misc section.

Choose the update option.

The wizard will create a temporary user on the DC Netscope vm, It will send the update file to this user via the SCP protocol. Please note that at the end of the update, the user will be destroyed.

The DC Netscope wizard provides you with the information to use: - IP address to use - user name - temporary password

Using your favourite tool (on windows you can use winscp, send the update file. A password is requested: use the temporary password previously provided by the wizard.

Once the upload is finished, go back to the VMWare console.

The uploaded file is available on the update screen. Select it, then press Enter to start the update.

The update starts, and a progress bar appears

Via the web interface provided by the DC Netscope agent

Go to the web service address. As a reminder, this URL is indicated in the vmware console. In the Miscsection, locate the line Manual update. To send the update file, click on the Browse button to start the upload process.

Choose the update file and validate.

Click on the update button to update.