Topology viewer

The Topology viewer provides an overview of the network infrastructure, detailing the Distributed VSwitch, PortGroups, networks, ESXi's and VMs, and how these elements are interconnected.

In our example, the compute part consists of 2 ESXi and 13 VMs. For the network part, 3 Distributed VSwitches and 1 network are deployed.

This view shows which ESXi and which VMs are connected to which Distributed VSwitches and which networks.

By default, only Networks and Distributed VSwitches are displayed.

You can go down one level by clicking on a distributed vSwitch: you will then see the details of its PortGroups, and for each PortGroup the resources that are connected to it.

In addition, it is possible to filter and select resources using the options provided by the "Map data settings" panel.