This tab provides a global view and inventory of datastores and virtual machines. By dividing them up graphically it is easier to know directly the size of each one and the and the space they occupy.


The graph, lists the various existing datastores and details information specific to each one. It is possible to sort the datastores according to a precise criterion: a simple click on one of the criteria allows to sort the datastores according to this one. (based on their respective consumption). (On the image, the datastores are sorted according to the maximum IOPS)

To have more information, it is enough to click on a datastore in particular, it will display the list of its VMs and the different and the different associated information




Virtual machine

Regarding virtual machines :

Once the desired VM has been selected, the information specific to it appears. appear. In a few clicks it is possible to choose different time periods or even different criteria to which of interest.