This section provides the user with the ability to generate analysis reports on the status of the data centre. These reports provide a summary of data centre activity based on the detection of Ghost, Idle, Lazy, Busy, Undersized and Oversized. They also allow you to have an inventory of your data centre, to export recommendations, the evolution of its infrastructure via KPIs or Capacity Planning or the export of GreenIt data.


You can quickly generate reports according to the type of report you want, "Management", "Operations" or "Recommendations". You can also customise your report by selecting the desired sections and sub-sections by clicking on the "Generate Personalized Report" button.

Generate a new report

Below are the steps for creating a new report:


  • Name of the report
  • Language (available in English, French and Spanish)
  • Type of report : Infrastructure (report about your infrastructure, e.g. VM behaviour, recommendations, etc) or VM (report dedicated to virtual machines)
  • Filter or entity: the filter in the case of a report Infra or the desired entity (datacenter, cluster, server, ...) in the case of a VM.

Note: The VM report is a report focusing on each VM present in the chosen entity.


Auto generation & mails

  • Report generated automatically or not
  • List of email addresses for sending the report (optional)
  • Periodicity (every week, month, year)



Choice of information to insert in the report :

  • VM behavior
  • Recommendations
  • KPIS
  • Capacity Planning
  • GreenIt



Once the report has been created, it can be downloaded in PDF (more detailed, visual sections) or XLS.

VM Behavior

Default Graphs

This visualization in table form is present in the reports. Each line corresponds to a VM. The behavioural analysis of the VM is performed according to different noise levels and activity thresholds. Thus, for each column corresponding to a noise level (100, 99.99, 99.9 and 99), there are 3 columns corresponding to the activity threshold (10, 5, 2). This visualisation has 2 advantages:

  • it allows to prioritise the VMs with the least activity
  • not to forget useless VMs.


You have the possibility to integrate your own logo for the reports.