DC Scope stores and analyses millions of pieces of data on your behalf. to understand and interpret them, here are some tips on how to Here are some tips on how to get to grips with the application.


DC Scope is made up of 15 modules which can be accessed from the menu on the left of the screen. the left-hand side of the screen. Each module is designed to provide information in an intuitive and simple manner. Cloud pricing is an optional optional module that is not included in the standard version of DC Scope.

DashboardThe dashboard, an overview and global indicators. indicators.

DC ViewsGraphical view of your infrastructure.

Cluster Overview: Synthetic view of the distribution of servers and resources on the cluster.

Server OverviewSynthetic analysis per server.

VM OverviewGathers the characteristics of the virtual machines.

Storage OverviewGlobal view and inventory of datastores.

ReportingReporting: Ability to generate analysis reports on the status of the of the data centre.

RecommendationIdentification of possible optimisation levers.

Graph On DemandGraphical overview of the various elements.

Capacity PlanningPrediction and simulation module.

TroubleshootingDiagnosis of problems / failures on VMs.

KPIKey Performance Indicators.

AlertingAlerts and notifications module.

Green IT: Module for monitoring Green IT indicators and optimisations.

Cloud PricingAnalysis, comparison of in-house costs vs. public cloud.