Although often complex, DC Scope produces very simple visual indicators. Four types of report are provided:

  • Infrastructure activity
  • Savings achieved
  • Capacity of the various resources
  • Infrastructure health status



The first report on the activity of the infrastructure, allows you to display month by month all the VMs. By moving the cursor over the different different elements, it is possible to have more details.


The Follow the migration button mode allows you to have a detailed view of the VMs. The yes mode allows to have a detailed view of the VMs. For information: if a VM is RUNNING on the current month and OFF for the day of the 20th and RUNNING on the 21st and until the end of the month, it will then be indicated as OFF for the day of the 20th. As a reminder, in KPI the analysis of VMs is done day/day for each month.


The second report allows you to display, month by month, the evolution of capacity and consumption for processor, memory and storage resources. and storage resources.



This third report allows you to output your budget (costs can be set in the dashboard). set in the dashboard) this report allows you to follow the evolution of the of the different costs, month by month.



The fourth and last report represents the evolution of the number of times the different criteria have exceeded the good practice thresholds.