Green-Index is a collaborative feature which aims to evaluate and compare certain data relating to Green IT. This feature allows you to observe the data of other DC Scope users and compare yourself with others.

Examples: Is my average energy consumption high? Do I have a good VM/server ratio?

Collected data

To benefit from this feature, you must agree to share anonymously certain metrics:

  • Infrastructure

    • Average number of vCPUs per logical core
    • Average number of virtual machines per CPU socket
    • Average number of virtual machines per physical server
  • GreenIt

    • Average CO2 emissions (kg CO2eq) per physical server
    • Average CO2 emissions (kg CO2eq) per virtual machine
    • Average annual consumption (kWh) per physical server
    • Average instantaneous power (W) per VM
    • Average age of physical server
    • PUE
    • CO2 emission factor (kq CO2eq/kWh)
  • Behavior

    • percentage of virtual machines idle
    • percentage of virtual machines oversized
    • percentage of virtual machines undersized


Default Graphs

The first tab overview tab gives your energy rank based on the "Annual emissions kg CO2eq per VM" metric, as well as an overview (radar) constructed by taking all the ranks available in Green-Index.

The different ranks you can view are defined according to the actual data for your infrastructure compared with that sent by other DC Scope customers.

For example, if you have the best VM ratio per server, your rank will be A. Conversely, if you have the worst ratio, your rank will be G.

Various comparisons are thus available to you, according to 3 categories:

  • Infrastructure
  • Green IT
  • Virtual machine behaviour


Default Graphs

Green IT

Default Graphs

VM Behavior

Default Graphs