The organisation of resources in a data centre hosting a large number of virtual number of virtual machines quickly becomes complex. Two tools are offered to the user to visualise the virtual machines virtual machines and their resource consumption.


The tool named Treemap offers a view of the consumption of resources memory, electrical power and storage resources for the data centre. storage for the data centre. Each virtual machine is represented by a rectangle whose size depends on its consumption. The smallest virtual machines are the ones that consume the least (as a % of the ES). The smallest virtual machines consume the least power (as a % of the ESX).


Virtual machines of the same colour are hosted by the same server. Only virtual machines with consumptions Only virtual machines with power consumption greater than 1% are displayed in the Treemap. Virtual machines that are virtual machines that are switched off or have low power consumption are not not present.

The radio buttons select the resource to be taken into account to determine the size of the virtual machines. By clicking on a virtual machine, the following information is displayed:

  • The name of the virtual machine.
  • The name of the server hosting the virtual machine.
  • The type and name of the element containing this server.
  • The processor and memory consumption on the physical server. physical server

As regards the storage part, the virtual machines of the same colour are hosted by the same datastore. The principle remains identical for the size of the rectangles.

Flow Diagram

The second tool entitled Flow Diagram displays the distribution of resources of each element of the data centre. This diagram allows monitor the flow of processor and memory resources consumed by the running running virtual machines. The more resources an element consumes resources, the larger its trace is. To find out how much an element is consuming To find out the consumption of an element, simply hover over its consumption trace with the mouse. For virtual machines, the consumption values correspond to the consumption values seen from the physical server's operating system operating system as a percentage. The maximum value for a consumption is is 100%. For the other elements, their consumption corresponds to the sum of the consumptions of their threads.