Protocols viewer

General view

The "Protocol Analysis" view provides an overview of the main network protocols that are used within the data centre. Each circle is a network protocol, identified by the network port number.

When you click on the circle of a network protocol, sub-circles appear and the application zooms in on these circles: these are the senders of the selected protocol. Finally, when you click on the circle of a sender, sub-sub circles appear which correspond to the receivers of the packets sent by the selected sender for the selected protocol.

What is displayed on the diagram is also displayed in the form of tables in the "Flows" tab. Each time the diagram is navigated, the table in the "Flows" tab is updated automatically.

Selection of the date to be displayed

By default, the data used to generate the visualisation is that of the current day.

It is possible to use data from another time. To do this, you need to unfold the Temporal settings, a heatmap will appear. So in the image below, you can see that the current day is circled in red, which means that it is used for visualisation.

By clicking on a time square, the corresponding time is selected as the date to be displayed.

Clicking again on an already selected time slot switches the selection to the whole day of which the time slot is part the time slot.

Details of the flows displayed in the visualisation

It is possible to display the details of the flows that have been used to calculate the visualisation. To access it, click on the Flow as shown in the following screenshot:

The details of the flows appear in the form of a table, where each row represents a flow with a source and a destination. By clicking on the icon on the far left of a stream, it is possible to see details of the communication ports used for the stream.

Finally, to the right of a stream there are several buttons that allow access to other DC Netscope components with the source and destination of the stream as a preset in the focus: