The Key Performance Indicator module is composed of four types of reports. To access each report, you need to click on the green icon inside of each frame. Remember that each report could be exportable by clicking in the button with the symbol



The first frame Activity provides a monthly graph of the evolution of the infrastructure. It shows the VMs run, suspended, added and deleted month by month. The orange line over the graph represents the evolution trend of VMs.


The Follow the migration mode provides a detailed view of VMs that have migrated month by month. By moving the cursor over the columns in each month, it is possible to see the specific rate for each indicator. Additionally, clicking on the column will create a frame with detailed information of the VMs.

The KPI analysis of the VM's is carried out on daily basis. Therefore, a VM during the current month that is put it OFF the day 20 and RUN again on the day 21, will be reported as OFF for 1 day.


The second frame Cost allows to identify the cost of your infrastructure and its evolution month by month, according to the settings in the Cost Definition section. For more information please refer to the Cost Definition section of this guide.


DC Scope includes by default a list of costs that corresponds to an average cost of our clients. These costs can be customizable to your own requirements. In order to set this cost either individually (by VM) or as a whole, please refer to the Cost Definition section.


The third report displays the evolution month by month of the capacity and consumption of processor, memory and storage resources. At the top right of the frame it is possible to see the saturation dates for each resource.



The fourth and final report displays the evolution in the status of the infrastructure analyzed. This frame provides the total number points given to VMs that have exceeded the thresholds of best practices according to each resource. For more information on the threshold and Best Practices please see the Troubleshooting section.