The Dashboard view is the main screen of the Netscope extension and is a dashboard that provides a summary of the information collected by the extension.

A first set of information is presented in the form of pie-charts:

  • Intra vs. inter data centre traffic
  • Protocols
  • TOP 20 transmitters A second set of information concerns the counters giving an overview of what has been analysed: number of packets, number of flows and volume.

A third set of information is the summary of the analysed flows presented in a table format. This set of information is broken down into two categories, each with its own tab:

  • Matching flowsDC Netscope: groups the streams for which at least the source or destination has been recognised among the virtual machines and ESXi servers in the vCenter. To do this, DC Netscope looks at the IP addresses of the streams, and searches for a VM or ESXi server that has these addresses. For a VM to be recognised, the vmWare tools be installed.
  • Unmatching flowsStreams that have neither source nor destination recognised among the vCenter's virtual machines and ESXi servers are grouped together.

As far as the flow tables are concerned, each row shows the source, destination and volume for each flow.

By clicking on the arrow to the left of a stream, it is possible to see the details of the ports used for this communication:

To the right of a stream there are several buttons that allow access to other DC Netscope components with the source and destination of the stream as a preset in the focus:

Finally, the fourth set of information is the volume of data analysed daily.