General Information

This frame displays information about the cluster capabilities in terms of resources and functionality. In the case of VSAN integration, a + button will appear next to VSAN Feature to display the properties of the VSAN. The blue buttons with the legend VM and Host provide a list of VMs and servers in the Cluster, as well as general information as ressources, status, etc.


Allocation of resources

This section allows to analyze the resources assigned to VMs based on the resources of the different physical servers that form the cluster. The red line identifies the value that must not be exceeded when provisioning or allocating resources to VMs. The threshold is calculated according to the allocation over commitment parameters set in the Capacity Planning Settings.


For more information please refer to the Capacity Planning Settings section of this guide.

Consumption of resources

This frame shows the status of the servers in the cluster. Three resources are analyzed: CPU, RAM and Storage. The blue indicator over the line represents the total amount of resource allocated/provisioned to VMs and the white indicator represents the maximum level of consumption for each resource. The average resource consumption is represented in the indicator Used below each line. This frame allows to compare the activity of the cluster according to its capacity.


Distribution of resources by server

This frame analyzes the homogeneity of the cluster. Each vertical line represents an indicator: number of VM per host, number of CPU per host, average ram cons per host, etc.

For each indicator the white point represents the server with the higher value and the blue point the server with the lowest value. The green point represents the average value in the cluster.


The color of the vertical line (grey, orange or red) represents the homogeneity of the cluster. In case where the difference between the higher value and the average is two times the average or more, then the color of the line become orange. If this difference is four times the average or more, the color become red.