Green IT module.

The Green IT tab aims to provide key monitoring indicators (KPIs) of the carbon impact of the infrastructure but also to provide actions to reduce the carbon emissions impact.

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The company Quantis provided us with CO2 emission factors for servers and office devices such as monitors, printers, keyboards and other devices often founds in offices.

With the Green IT tab of DC Scope you are able to:

• Monitor the evolution and the overall CO2 impact of your datacenter. • Rank servers that are not energy efficient. • Simulate server changes from a Green IT perspective. • Follow the effects of changes in: - PUE. - Green energy contract. - Increase the lifespan of your equipment. - Impact of replacing, stopin and deleting servers. - Consolidation of virtual machines.

Green IT Tabs

The Green IT module is composed by three tabs :

Global: with the the evolution for both the Datacenter and desktop devices.

DC: with the analysis of gray and direct energy for servers.

Desktop: the grey energy used by your office equipment.

Some definitions:

Grey energy is the energy consumed throughout the life cycle of a product. It includes all the production stages of the product since the extraction of materials, transformation, manufacture, transport, installation, and maintenance as well as the energy consumed for its recycling. The grey energy does not include direct energy.

To calculate the grey energy, DC Scope analyses the information from your infrastructure (automatically updated from your vCenter), the information you provided for other IT equipment as desktops and devices (screens, keyboards, etc.), the average age of your equipment, and CO2eq/Kwh emissions.

Direct energy is the energy that is consumed by the product during its use. DC Scope measures the direct energy of your data center and calculates the equivalent emissions of CO2 for each server.

How to messure progress?
Maturity score. Carbon Footprint Evolution
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The maturity score is intended to encourage organizations to enhance the information they hold concerning their infrastructures. A higher maturity score is obtained by adding all the information to the Green IT settings. The monthly carbon footprint evolution provides the evolution month after month of the KG / CO2eq emissions of your infrastructure.

Data Center View

This tab is completed automatically, the full CO2 impact is calculated by taking into account the server inventory (ESX) collected from VMware and the direct power consumption of the physical servers.

CO2 impact with its distribution. Indicators of densification. Evolution of Electricity consumption.
GreenIT2.1 GreenIT2.2 GreenIT2.3

Server Efficiency List

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  • Sort servers by efficiency
  • Identify misused servers
  • Sorts according to consumption, capacity, and server usage
  • Concept of TEE (theoretical energy efficiency)
  • Ex. A low consumption server & well densified -> very good CEE & close to its TEE.

Optimization proposals

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DC Scope also offers optimization plans taking into account the efficiency of the physical servers.

  • In this example, it is proposed to replace the least efficient servers by the Server 33 (the most efficient server) which makes it possible to go from 72 servers to 50 servers (reduction in electricity consumption from 224,703 kWh to 160,256 kWh).
  • Reduction of electricity consumption
  • Reduction in the number of servers (gray energy).

Green IT- DC - decision support -Cost and CO2 simulator

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For each server, a simulator allows comparing the current cost of the server with a new server according to various configurable criteria. The objective is to identify potential economic and ecological gains from changing servers.

In this example, we propose to replace server 54 with a new server with different capacities (64 GB RAM instead of 32 GB with lower power consumption) - all criteria are green (all favorable for changing the server).

Desktop View

The evolution in the CO2eq emissions of your desktop equipment (Only gray energy provided)

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