The Cloud Pricing module allows to analyze and compare the cost of your internal infrastructure with the offer of the main providers in the public cloud (Amazon, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure). It allows to understand the real costs of moving from your private cloud to infrastructures in the public cloud or the moving specific elements to the public cloud (Hybrid cloud).


The operation of the module Cloud Pricing is quite simple, it will match the computing and storage capabilities allocated to VMs with the services offered by main cloud providers.

The Cloud Pricing module automatically set the cost of the infrastructure based on the allocated CPU, RAM, and storage of each VM included in DC Scope (according to the filters). The total cost presented by DC Scope is the sum of the costs of all virtual machines.


Additional options as the region and the billing type can be settled up at the bottom of the page. These settings may modify the costs associated to the analysis.

Please bear in mind that the estimates provided by DC Scope should not be considered as official quotes. Additionally, it is important to notice that some costs as human resources, network traffic, etc. might not have been taken into account for the analysis.