Email Configuration

To add the email address that will be used to send reports:

  1. Go to the Vmware console of the VM DCScope and select the option 4 Email configuration.


  1. Once in the menu, select Edit email configuration.


On this screen, you must add the SMTP server configuration from which the mails will be sent. You must then add a valid email address of the SMTP server (login and password required).

SSL Certificate

To import your SSL certificate:

  1. You must copy your certificate files to the VM DC Scope, into the 'ssl' folder using the following credentials: :

Login : debian

Passwrod : debian1234

  1. Once the files have been copied, you must modify the Apache configuration to point to your files (from the VMware console of the VM DC Scope).

Note: the default keyboard layout for the VMware console of the VM of DC Scope is AZERTY. We will add a keyboard layout selection tool in an upcoming update.

For more information about the AZERTY layout, please visit AZERTY

API Support

To access the API documentation of DC Scope please direct to:

The information available through the API is:

  • Cost:
    • Allocated
    • Consumed
    • Wasted
  • General Consumption:
    • Datastores
    • Servers
    • VM's