DC Scope provide two types of charts to visualize and identify virtual machines and resource consumptions


The Treemap is a chart type that displays hierarchical relationships via rectangles. It displays the CPU, RAM, Storage and Power consumptions in the datacenter. To select a resource, click on the radio buttons in the top left frame.


Each color represents a server and each rectangle represents a VM. The size of the rectangle represents the level of consumption of that VM for the selected resource. Therefore, smaller rectangles represent VMs that consume less. Only virtual machines with consumptions are displayed. Hence, if a VM is turned OFF, it will not be represented in the diagram.

By clicking on a virtual machine, the left frame Virtual Machine Information will be completed with detailed information of the VM such as:

  • Name.
  • Server.
  • Cluster.
  • Datastore
  • RAM, CPU and power consumption on the server.
  • Storage used on all datastores.

Regarding the storage consumption, the virtual machines of the same color are hosted by the same Datastore. The principle remains the same for the size of the rectangles.

Flow Diagram

The Flow Diagram shows the consumption flow of RAM, CPU and POWER in the datacenter. A wider trace represents elements that consume the most of a defined resource. To know the consumption of an element, it is enough to fly over its trace of consumption with the mouse. The consumption values of VMs correspond to the consumptions seen from the operating system of the physical server in percentage. The maximum value for a consumption is therefore 100%. For the other elements (Cluster and Datacenter), their consumption corresponds to the sum of the consumptions of their threads.